Custom Projects

Custom Projects

Custom Designs

The process of creating a custom typeface solution is a challenge we enjoy. It means we get to know your company, the creatives in your company and creatives from other companies working with you, all working together to create your design solution.

First, we would like to have a brief on what it is you want from the typeface design and perhaps a meeting to discuss your design ideas and direction. We will then create some concepts for you to asses before deciding on the final design.

Depending on time-frame and costings, we would build-up the fonts in a series of steps that would require you to ‘sign off’ and lock specific parts of the font design at each of these stages.

CustomSampleWhen the basic fonts are complete and you have signed off on the completed designs, we can go on to create variations that will support your web site, or other technical requirements as needed.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Enhancements

Do you have some lettering made in Adobe® Illustrator®? Perhaps you already have a font file that needs some tidying-up. Perhaps some of the technical elements are confusing and causing problems. Let us help you by smoothing the path to a quality working font file for whatever you need.

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Extending Glyphsets

From adding a single glyph to adding a complete new weight of font to the family. Adding a set of Small Caps or a range of bar fractions? Providing the legal permissions are in place we can add and extend to your exact requirements.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Script and Language Extensions

Do you need that font in Arabic, Greek, or perhaps even Chinese? We can work with some of the best typeface designers from around the world who are sensitive to the cultural and local design aesthetics to make your font acceptable in the locale. From Abaza to Zuni, let us help you support the regions in which you need to get noticed.

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Technical Enhancements
OpenType Features

OpenType Features can give fonts more power, more class and give them more versatility. Give fonts more appeal by having Contextual Alternatives added or add more functionality by including multiple fraction or figure variants and styles.

If you are a font designer let us help you to bring the typography created with your fonts up to the next level by adding OpenType Features.

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Font Hinting

Do not listen to anyone who tells you that hinting fonts is no longer necessary. For most fonts that are used on screens or on mobile devices, some level of hinting is imperative and most devices used in the world today are not high resolution. Hinting is the process of adding instructions to the font rendering so that pixel placement results in sharper letterforms, more even spacing and colour.

Although there are automatic processes available to add hinting, it is only when the instructions are added by a competent font engineer that the result creates a sharper and more readable image, increasing usability and reflecting an enhanced representation for branding.

Poorly hinted fonts can be a real disaster for your corporate web site. Not only will they just look bad, they will reflect badly on your company. Office staff will find hard to read fonts a distraction and may even be tempted to revert to non-approved fonts for ease of use.

Let us guide you through the options for making your fonts sparkle on screen and on mobile devices.

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Web Fonts and Other Formats

Typeface designs for the web and other non-print media are now very popular and relatively easy to incorporate, although the preparation of font files for this use need some very special considerations. The typeface style, font hinting, font formats and file size are all important aspects of delivering a solution for non-print media.

Although there are automated online tools for creating many of the font formats and files for non-print media, it takes a skilled font designer and engineer to make the critical decisions on how to optimise the form and function of the font style.

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