SenticoSans Arabic is a sensitively designed Arabic script typeface to accompany SenticoSans Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. The family consists of six fonts that will work perfectly with the six upright weights of the parent family SenticoSans.

The Arabic version took over two years to complete, exploring along the way the many different philosophies of modern Arabic typeface design. The finished typeface design retains the ideals of SenticoSans of being a modern and legible design, excellent for all mediums, especially for on-screen use.

See also – SenticoSansDT, SenticoSansDTCondensed.

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic Thin

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic Light

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic Regular

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic Medium

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic Bold

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic ExtraBold

SenticoSansDT™ Arabic is available for Desktop, Web, ePub & mApp.

This shows the glyphset for SenticoSansDT Regular. Not all fonts in the family will necessarily have exactly the same glyph set. See notes on ‘Family’ for details.


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