CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant


First created by us in 1992 at the request of a client requiring an update to a publication that had been previously set using a phototypesetting system. Added to our library as OpenType in July 2014, this version includes a set of nut fractions that are more appropriate to children’s educational publications.

See also – CenturySchoolbookDT.

CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant Regular

CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant Italic

CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant Bold

CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant BoldItalic

CenturySchoolbookDT™ Infant is available for Desktop, Web, ePub & mApp.

This shows the glyphset for CenturySchoolbookDT Infant Regular.


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